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How to recycle at home?

A big number of people think that recycling takes up a lot of time and space but this, of course, isn’t the case. Here are a few tips for home recycling that can be helpful if you are just starting.The first thing that you need to do is to make something like recycling station and you won’t need much space for this.

A small part of your garage, kitchen, laundry room, or even covered part of the yard will do the job. Now you need containers for which you can use literally anything. Plastic containers or crates, everything can serve a purpose. You will need at least tree containers, one for paper, one for plastic and one for glass. Of course, you can take more if you have the need. The first step is to separate your trash. This isn’t really a hard job, and after a little time, you will get used to it. But besides separating thing, you can yourself give the new shine to old things.


Separate your trash


Recycle old things

There are a million ways to recycle old things that you don’t use anymore, and there is no limit to what you can do. Here are just a few thing that can help you get started and once you start you won’t to be able to stop, believe me. For example, you can create a gift box, from an old candy box. You just need a little paint, some ribbon and a little bit of imagination and an old box is a perfect gift box for someone that you love. Old car tires are beautiful planters. If you add some color your backyard can be a dream garden. Every woman knows that there is no way to find the right makeup brush when you need it. Paper towels tubs can save you a lot of time, by painting them, or covering them with a layer of fabric you will have an awesome makeup organizer. A bunch of old keys that don’t even open any doors anymore can be the base for a wind chime. In the same way, you can use bottle caps, or spoons, really anything that will make a sound in the wind. For those of you, that like a challenge and are more of crafty type, you can use an old door for a garden bench, or even make the table of the hood of the car. Recycling can be fun, and it’s really no hard work, you just need to get started.