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Why is it important to recycle?

Today one of the biggest concerns we face is pollution of the land, water, and air on our planet. For the centuries, we are acting like we are only creatures on this planet like we have some right on all that this planet have to offer. Not only that we take all, but we don’t give back, and this has to change. It’s never too late to start, but there is not so much time left now. The negative effect on the environment is one of the biggest concerns today. Recycling helps in many ways with this problem, but it also has big role in the preservation of natural goods. By using recycled products we help save energy and preserve natural resources.




The industrial process of recycling has smaller negative effects on the environment. Recycling creates less water and air pollution than primary production of the same products. Recycling also creates more space, because the landfills take so much less space.By using less space for the landfills there is no need for deforestation. This also makes the pollution of the land considerably lover. Recycling creates new jobs. New jobs are created by opening the new business for gathering, production and distribution of secondary materials.

Reuing and renewable and non-renewable resources

The studies have show that up to 80% less energy is needed to make materials like aluminum, lead, magnesium, zinc or copper from recycling. Metals are able to keep all their quality when recycled more times. This is essential for preserving raw material supplies. Recycling brings down effects of the greenhouse, that is created by emission of the gases linked with an explanation of the natural materials like metals, or oil. By recycling, this can be reduced up to 30%. Additionally, recycling includes reusing all things that can be reused, for example, old clothes. You shouldn’t throw old clothes, out there is always someone that needs it, you can sell it or even give it away.


One of the best-known recycling methods are simply a separation of the trash, there is a separate bin for every kind of the materials, for glass, plastic, paper. Plastic is used to make now plastic that is lower quality and its used for industrial purposes. Paper is recycled in a similar way like plastic, and the product is also lower in quality. It’s time to stop being selfish and think about our future, and future of our kids. We need to be an example and give our best to try and save this planet. Many companies are beginning to take recycling more seriously, Jux2 Dumpster rental and recycling is one such company, They have been providing roll off dumpster rental for years now and they have started getting into recycling more and more as time has gone by. Recycling not only cleans up the environment but provides local jobs to stimulate the economy. Companies like the one mentioned would not be able to flourish without your efforts to recycle.


Separation of the trash

Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect was brought to public attention for the first time in 1824. by Joseph Fourier. Over the years, the notion was further developed by Claude Pouillet, John Tyndall, and Svante Arrhenius. The name “Greenhouse effect” was introduced by a Swedish meteorologist Nils Gustaf Ekholm. What is actually a greenhouse effect? To put it in simple terms, it’s when the planet’s surface is warmed by the plant’s atmosphere. Without it, the temperature on Earth’s surface would be significantly lower.

Why is this a problem?

The greenhouse effect is not actually the problem, it is what gives us warmth and without it, life on Earth probably wouldn’t be possible. If that’s the case, why all the talk about it? It is enhanced greenhouse effect that causes all the problems. It occurs as a result of various human actions. Humans, particularly in the last couple of centuries emit increased amount of carbon dioxide in planet’s atmosphere. Doing so, they increase the temperature atmosphere, and ultimately the temperature on Earth’s surface. This has everlasting effects on planet’s climate and ecosystem. It leads to a global phenomenon known as global warming. And most of us have already heard about global warming. It is the main reason for melting of ice glaciers, increment of sea level and increased temperatures al throughout the year. And it is not hard to see how that is a bad thing. It is endangering the life on this planet as we know it.

How to stop it?

There are numerous ways to reduce the effects of global warming. For starters, by reducing damage to the ozone layer. The ozone layer is our first and main protection from sun radiation. It lowers the effect of said radiation and keeps Earth from overheating. But because we irresponsibly emit all kinds of gases in our atmosphere, the ozone layer is paying the price. If we lower the production of carbon dioxide, use solar energy for needs, we could greatly reduce the damage we do to the ozone layer.


Solar energy


What does the future hold

As things stand tight know, nothing good. If we keep this up our planet could be changed forever. Rising sea levels and climate change is just one of many things that could go wrong. And every single one of us can help in preventing that. Using renewable resources instead of non-renewable ones, recycling, being more aware of our surroundings and environment are just a few things we could do to change our future for better.