Ever since the dawn of men, people were using nature but not giving much back. This became even more accentuated with the uprising and deployment of machines. This became critical in the past decades and it is time to make a change. We exist with one goal in mind. And that is preservation of our planet. We want to raise public awareness and make first steps in conserving our environment. Ecology and recycling exist for some time now, but they are not used as much as they should have. So make a change and save our planet.

I started this company because I wanted to set an example for the people around me. I wanted to show them that every single individual can make a change and help in preserving our environment and resources. I realized if we continue to live and do like we did for so many years now, we won't have anything to give to our children. Our planet is dying. Our ecosystem is in danger and non-renewable resources are getting scarce. If we not do something soon, life as we know it, life as we grew accustomed to will be changed forever. And we can stop that with just a little bit of effort. Recycling is the first step.

By reusing materials not only do we lower the consumption and usage of new resources but we are also conserving nature by having less waste. And recycling requires so little effort that everyone can do it. Just using separate bins for different kind of garbage can make so much difference. Being aware of the problem is the first step in solving it. So I invite you to follow my example. Help us save our planet. Be kind to nature as it has been kind to us.

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