Wednesday, September 5

Rick Bayless and One Seed Chicago

At One Seed Chicago we provide free garden seeds to Chicagoans to help promote gardening at home and joining community gardens. It is our way of helping making Chicago a greener city for all of us. We're blessed with a number of fantastic chefs in this city who appreciate food, and local growers and go out of their way to nurture a positive food culture.

Like many of you we have spent hours watching Chef Bayless on WTTW preparing meals in his kitchen right here in Chicago. His urban farm just outside of his home kitchen is a thing of beauty, and a testament to how much food you can grow at home with a little bit of effort.

We recently caught up with Chef Bayless and had the opportunity to give him a packets of our One Seed Chicago 2012 winner, and make him a One Seed Chicagoan. We also sent him back to Frontera Grill with some extra seed packs to give out to staff of the restaurant and hope they join us in the future by voting for their favorite seed every year.

Voting for One Seed Chicago is closed for the season. Our voting schedule is Jan 1st-April 1st every year, and then we distribute the winning seed to every Chicagoan that voted. Check back with us then if you'd like to participate.

In the meantime, we'd love to see pictures of your basil plants this year and how you're using your harvest in the kitchen. You can tweet us pictures at @OneSeedChicago or post them to our wall.

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  1. I just agree that Chicago has one of the most amazing restaurants there is. I always believed that the chefs in that place most importantly where this chef was cooking. I heard that he is good at doing all sorts of marinade mix and has a sort of secret ingredient.



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