Wednesday, June 27

Sowing Your One Seed Chicago Basil Seeds

While speaking with some One Seed Chicago participants on Twitter we learned that many of you hadn't sown your basil seeds. We understand that life can get in the way of gardening, but there is still time to sow the One Seed Chicago 2012 winner in your garden. Yes, it's summer, but it's a good time to sow a second season crop of basil seeds.

You thought you could only sow seeds in the spring?

Sowing basil seeds now will extend your basil harvest late into the fall. If you have kids, sowing your basil seeds with them will help keep them busy for a few moments and teach them about the life cycle of seeds. 

Inside of your One Seed Chicago 2012 seed packet you'll find information on sowing your seeds, but we'll briefly explain it here.  

Sowing Basil Seeds With Kids

Open the seed packet you got in the mail or an event this spring. Have your little gardener read the information to give him/her a mini-lesson on growing basil.

We used natural fiber pots with our garden helper, but you can sow your basil seeds in plastic cup, deli container or a newspaper seed starting pot. Moisten the soil a bit with a bottle sprater before adding the seeds.

After moistening the soil add a couple of seeds per container, and give it another good spray from the bottle sprayer. Set the seeds in a warm window. The seeds should germinate in about a week due to the warmer temperatures of summer versus spring.

Give your garden helper the job of checking the seeds daily for sprouting. Make sure your seeds don't dry out while they are germinating, but you don't want the soil to be soggy either. After the basil seeds have sprouted, plant them in the garden and remember to keep them nice and watered!

Sowing Basil Seeds Without Kids

You can sow your basil seeds directly in the garden following the instructions we provided in the One Seed Chicago seed packet. Sow the seeds in the garden bed, container, or raised bed you want them to grow. Cover the seeds lightly with soil and keep them moist until they germinate. After the seeds have sprouted water accordingly.

There's a wide variety of basil seeds available to home gardeners, and you can sow them all now in the garden for a late season harvest. If you're looking for more basil seeds check out the selection sold by  Nature's Crossroad's, our One Seed Chicago seed sponsor for 2012. They generously provided us with the basil seeds sent out to every One Seed Chicago participant.



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