Monday, January 16

Your Votes As A Wordle 1/16/12

One of our favorite parts about working on One Seed Chicago, besides that we motivate people to start gardens, is reading the reasons why each year's candidate is your favorite. When you fill out the online ballot for 2012 we ask you to tell us why the seed you're voting for is your favorite. Below is a visualization of the reasons you've given when casting your vote as of 1/16/12. Below that we'll share a few of the entire messages. One in particular really touched that we wanted to share with you all.


"My wife Emily died this past July.  She was an avid gardener.  At the time, she had a bumper crop of wonderfully fragrant basil. Therefore I'm voting for Basil in memory of Emily."

"I absolutely love the smell of basil and I love the greenness of it and that you don't have to do anything to make basil taste good, you just have to buy fresh, basil from a farmer or grow your own. One of my all time favorite plates, basil, tomatos and mozzarella, or putting basil on a salad. Just love basil!!!"

"Cilantro and Chamomile are strong options, but everything's just better with basil, and Chicago would be better for having more of it."


"I run a community garden at Eugene Field Park and work hard to reflect the diversity of the community in the garden. We also donate lots of extra produce to our local food pantry. Cilantro is always in high demand!"

"We love Asian food at our house and cilantro is a necessity. From Thai salads to Vietnamese soups, we use a lot of cilantro. And the best part is, it's simple to grow in containers. Anybody in Chicago could keep a little pot growing, no matter where they live."

"YUM YUM tacos and tabouli and cous cous salad!"


"I picked Chamomile because it makes good tea, I have a homebrew beer recipe for it, and it's a nice little flower. Plus, the alternatives aren't that exciting. Everybody already does basil, and cilantro is short and not that visible."

"Its usefulness as a herb and its beauty as a flower. Plus it's relaxing and soothing properties when ingested in teas are much needed in these times of high social stress."

"Flowers and tea. Plus, it does not go to seed as easily as cilantro or basil."

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  1. Whichever one wins, all three will be growing in our garden this year. :)

    Love the Wordle, and enjoyed the comments!

    Andy, my condolences on the passing of your wife.



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