Monday, January 30

One Seed Chicago Debate on The Mike Nowak Show This Sunday

On Sunday Feb 5th 2012 Mike Nowak will host the first One Seed Chicago debate. Each of the candidates this year (cilantro, basil, chamomile) will have a representative on the air to make the case for the herb they hope to be the One Seed Chicago in 2012. You can listen to The Mike Nowak Show on Sunday, February 5th from 9 to 11am WCPT 820AM and 92.5FM, 92.7FM, and 99.9FM. The debate will be also be streamed on the Internet. You can also participate via social media. On Twitter we'll be using the #HerbDebate hashtag to cheer on our candidates and their surrogates.

Hope you can join us for what should be a fun segment of seed politics soil slinging. You can learn about chamomile, basil and cilantro. Once you've made your pick you can vote for your favorite seed here. The winning seed will be mailed out to every Chicagoan who voted.


  1. This begs the question of who will be advocating for each herb. Don't be shy now!

  2. Monica, rumor has it that we know one of the people in the debate. Like we're friends with the person.



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