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Cilantro: One Seed Chicago 2012 Candidate

Photo courtesy of Renee's Garden

The leaves of the coriander plant are popularly known as cilantro. These leaves are common ingredients in cuisine ranging from South Asia to Scandinavia. In America it's popularity can be attributed to it's use in Latin American dishes.


In the English-speaking world outside of the U.S it is known as coriander. In America we refer to it's Spanish name, cilantro. Both the leaves and seeds of the plant contain antioxidants, but the leaves are said to have the stronger effect.


The plant grows wild in the Near East and southern Europe. Parts of the plant were discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen and it is even mentioned in the Bible in Exodus 16:31. Coriander was brought to the British colonies in North America in 1670.

Where to Grow 

Plant the seeds in full sun about 1/2 inch deep in soil and 1-2 inches apart. Seeds germinate in 10-20 days. The plant doesn't like to be transplanted so sow your seeds directly into the ground or pot where you'll grow yours. Cilantro flowers and sets seeds quickly so sow more seeds every 2-3 weeks for a steady supply of fresh leaves.

More info

We're unveiling each of the candidates, one at a time, beginning at 7AM on January 1, 2012. At 10AM on 1/01/12 the voting ballot will be live on and you can be among the first to cast your vote. Click the "One Seed Chicago 2012" label below this sentence to see all of the candidates on one page.


  1. Last summer was my firt limited success with this herb - I didn't kill it or forget it.

  2. Add cilantro leaves to a fresh tomato, red onion, and spinach salad. Crumble chipotle cheddar cheese over it. Yum!

  3. If you have an oil still, cillantro/corriander oil is awsome. Also nothing beats cillantro in chilli, eve to the point of it being very green and don't forget adding it to Naan or into curries or on pizza's...I am sooo looking forward to winter in July when I can start picking it again.

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