Tuesday, January 11

Your Votes So Far As A Wordle

One Seed Chicago 2011 election

The One Seed Chicago 2011 election has been underway for 10 days now. The candidates are eggplant, radish and Swiss chard, when you vote for your favorite seed in 2011 we ask you to tell us why it is your favorite. The image above was created using Wordle and it is a visualization of every comment left on a One Seed Chicago voting ballot.

Here is a sampling of some of the comments left. We'll post more in the coming weeks.

"Easy to find a container that will fit the radish.  Brightly colored so fun for kids to see grow.  Can eat it without much prep if children wish to do so."

"It's healthy, great for sooo many yummy recipes and pretty to look at.Radishes are quick growing and a beautiful green color. Kids love how they can plant them in a paper towel and they sprout soon after."

"Not only is Swiss chard nutritious, tasty, and easy to grow in Chicago-it is among the loveliest of vegetable plants. It would be really nice to see Swiss chard showing its colors all over the city." 

"It (eggplant) really made my daughter look at different veggies - I think the purple color helped!  It made her try it and now she wants to grow it again!!"

Within the next couple of days we'll begin posting recipes from some of Chicago's top chefs, garden and food blogger. If you'd like to submit an original recipe see here. In the meantime continue to tell your friends and family about One Seed Chicago and encourage them to vote for their favorite seed for One Seed Chicago 2011. One lucky Chicagoan will win a batter-powered garden trimmer given to us by Troy-Bilt. For details see here.



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