Tuesday, January 11

Welcome To One Seed Chicago 2011

Welcome to One Seed Chicago 2011. We hope you had a safe and happy New Year. We opened voting for One Seed Chicago 2011 over the weekend. The three candidates this year are radish, eggplant and Swiss chard. We've put up some information on each of the three seeds up for a vote this year that we hope will help you make a decision about which seed to vote for.

“For the fourth year One Seed Chicago is uniting Chicago gardeners,” said Ben Helphand, NeighborSpace Executive Director. “By planting a common seed, backyards, windowsills, community gardens and balconies across the City will be linked together in a season-long celebration of urban gardening and local eating.”

This year One Seed Chicago will partner with Chicago chefs, foodies and garden bloggers. Together we will provide you with recipe ideas for each of the candidates to ensure that your garden's bounty nourishes you and our community.

"Growing your own food in the city is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Sharing the 'fruits of your labor' with friends, family or even a stranger and seeing their happiness is one of the greatest rewards of gardening,” says Chef Art Jackson. “There's no limit to how much we can grow and how much we can share, literally and figuratively. It all starts with one tiny seed."

Starting next week we will begin posting original recipes featuring the candidates. If you would like to participate by providing a recipe send us an email.

April 1st, 2011 will be the last day of voting for One Seed Chicago 2011, soon after every Chicago gardener that voted in 2011 will receive their free seed packet in the mail. One voter in Chicago will be randomly selected to win a TB57 Lithium Ion Battery Cordless String Trimmer / Weed Trimmer provided by the generous folks at Troy-Bilt. This may be Chicago, but we're limiting voting to one vote per person. Encourage your friends and family to vote by emailing them a link to our blog, tweeting a link to us, or posting our link on your Facebook wall. Even if your friends and family aren't natural green thumbs tell them to vote and we'll guide them from seed to table in 2011.

Help green Chicago by expanding the number of people who garden, grow some of their own food and prepare healthy meals. Write a post about One Seed Chicago on your blog or website, tell your readers who you're voting for and why they should vote. Bloggers and writers can download graphics and our press release for One Seed Chicago 2011. Larger images for print are available upon request by email.

This year One Seed Chicago is proud to partner with Nature's Crossroads Earth-Friendly Seeds from Bloomington, Indiana. Learn more about their organic and Midwest-adapted seeds at www.naturescrossroads.com.

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  1. Hello,
    I live in a courtway building. I am planning a raised bed for the courtway. We have very little money and are planning to just put some cheap wire fencing to mark and contain the bed. Any suggestions? I have also invited other people in the building to participate. if not physically working then I have asked for food peels and scraps for the compost.



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