Sunday, January 16

Steve Martin's Endorsement And Media Mentions

One of the best parts of working on One Seed Chicago is watching gardeners get behind their favorite candidate in every election. This year's candidates are no exception. The three seed candidates vying for One Seed Chicago 2011 each have their own die-hard fans and they've taken to Twitter and Facebook to get out the vote in 2011. There's the official #OneSeedChicago hashtag, the #TeamChard, #TeamEggplant, #TeamRadish hashtags on Twitter. If you're a member of Twitter use the tags to connect with and communicate with local gardeners who are enthusiastic about greening our city by starting gardens.

Eight days after voting for One Seed Chicago launched Steve Martin tweeted the above. Is Steve Martin #TeamEggplant ? This may be the first time one of our candidates has been endorsed by a celebrity outside of Chicago. Well, maybe he was just being silly.

Just as important this year have been the endorsement of the crop of garden bloggers in and around Chicago. This, um, crop of gardeners do great work and help educate our neighbors on local gardening events and provide local gardening information. Check out the endorsements and make sure to subscribe to their blogs to get first-hand Chicago gardening information.

Apartment Farm: One Seed Chicago 2011
The Garden of Live Flowers: One Seed Chicago: Radish Love
Wee Windy City: One Seed Chicago 2011: Who Will Get Your Vote?
Mahlzeit: One Seed Chicago: Eggplant
Chicago Garden: From Seed To Table With One Seed Chicago 2011
Growing in Chicago: Vote for Radishes!
Mike Nowak: See Graphic on Mike's Webpage and endorsement
Gardening Nude: Vote for One Seed Chicago and Feed Your Family For Cheap
My Skinny Garden: Grow Swiss Chard for Beauty and Versatility 
Newlywed Gardening: Making the Case For Chard
Ramble on Rose: Vote for Chard
Wicker Park Rooftop: Vote now to win free seeds, Chicago!

Gardening Groups/Green Websites/Neighborhood Portals
Uptown Update: Urban Gardeners, Time to Vote
Root-Riot: Vote for One Seed Chicago 2011
Fresh Taste: Good Food For All
Chicago Conservation Corps: One Seed Chicago Announces The 2011 Nominees

GapersBlock: Eggplant, Radish or Swiss Chard?
TreeHugger: Chicago Combats Food Deserts and Childhood Obesity One Seed at a Time
Planet Green: One Seed Chicago - And How You Can Encourage Gardening in Your Community
City Farmer: Chicago program has given away more than one million seeds since 2008
Chicago Examiner: "One Seed Chicago" Planting Vegetables, Building Community - Vote Now!
HalogenTV: Haiti in Pictures, Urban Gardening & A Fair Trade Cup of Tea

If you plan to write about One Seed Chicago 2011 the press release is here and if you email us we can provide you with graphics and images. If we've missed your mention of One Seed Chicago please let us know so we can send participants to your website/blog or to pick up a print copy of your publication.

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