Monday, August 2

Fertilizing Bee Balm

how to fertilize Bee BalmWe've received a couple of questions about fertilizing Bee Balm. As you may know by now many native plants, like Bee Balm, are adapted to poorer soils. The average garden probably has a more nutrient rich soil than the prairie where Bee Balm would be found.

We consulted with Prairie Moon Nursery, the company who we purchased the Bee Balm seeds from, and they informed us that they don't fertilize regularly and when they do they simply add compost to the soil.

The USNA.USDA webpage also recommends a conservative approach to fertilizing wildflowers, with nutrients applied in the fall every three years.

So, if you have decent garden soil, or have been fertilizing your garden in general you don't need to add any fertilizer specifically to your Bee Balm this year.

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