Sunday, May 23

Bee Balm Seedlings

If you've never sown Bee Balm seeds before you not be able to identify the seedlings from other plants, like weeds, in your garden. We sowed some seeds a week ago so we could post a picture of what the seedlings look like to help you identify them in your garden. Pictured above are the embryonic first leaves of Bee Balm seedlings we started.

Sowing Bee Balm seeds is very easy. Just sprinkle them in your garden and cover with 1/16" of fine soil. When sowing your seeds the most important thing to keep in mind is that they shouldn't dry out. If you're not very confident in your gardening skills sow a few seeds in a small, biodegradable pot like we did. Once the seedlings are a few inches tall you can plant the seedlings, including the pot, in the garden (or a larger container) in full-sun or part shade.

You can also read or download our Bee Balm resource sheet that was created by our GreenNet Chicago partners.

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