Monday, March 15

One Seed Chicago at Chicago Flower & Garden Show

One Seed Chicago stopped by the Chicago Flower and Garden Show to take in the wonderful gardens and blooms a couple of days ago. While there we caught up with a couple of famous Chicago gardeners and asked them who they voted for.

 Bill Aldrich Chicago Flower and Garden Show One seed ChicagoBill Aldrich in the foreground and Anthony Giancana in the background. Bill Aldrich has worn many gardening hats, most recently he was the publisher of Chicagoland Gardening magazine. Currently, Bill is the seminar coordinator for the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. If you like the presentations and the speakers; Bill's the man responsible for arranging them. Behind him is Anthony Giancana, he's responsible for making sure the AV goes smoothly for the speakers at the show.

Beth Botts Chicagoland Gardening magazineHere's Beth Botts helping out at the Master Gardener's booth at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. She's a Senior Editor at Chicagoland Gardening magazine and you can read her gardening article in the Chicago Tribune and on her blog, Growing in Chicago.

Robin Cline Garfield Park ConservatoryRobin Cline, Public Programs Manager at the Garfield Park Conservatory.

Brian Houck Garfield Park Conservatory, Lincoln Park ConservatoryBrian Houck, Floriculturist at the Garfield Park Conservatory. He's talking to Robin off camera and holding the One Seed Chicago seed packet like that because he's covering the Garfield Park Conservatory logo. At the time of this picture he was one day away from starting a new position at the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

Rich Eyre Rich's Foxwillow Pines, One Seed ChicagoRich Eyre, owner of Rich's Foxwillow Pines in Woodstock, Illinois. If you're looking for conifers for your garden (bonsai & container too) Rich's Foxwillow Pines is the place to go in the Chicagoland area. Rich is a great guy to stop and talk to if you bump into him at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show or visit his nursery.

Can you guess how these famous Chicago gardeners voted?

They all voted the same, except for Rich who voted for purple coneflower because it is "tough."

Guess the seed and we'll give you a CobraHead garden weeder we picked up at the flower show. First person who has already voted (before today) for One Seed Chicago 2010 to correctly identify the seed and leaves the answer in a comment gets the CobraHead weeder.

Follow along by subscribing to the One Seed Chicago blog RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook. If you haven't voted yet, the online voting form is here. Having trouble deciding who to vote for? Read about the 2010 candidates here. If you have a blog or website encourage your readers to vote for their favorite plant for One Seed Chicago. You can download graphics here and read the press release for One Seed Chicago 2010 here.


  1. Is that Lady Gaga standing behind Robin?

  2. After much thought, I'm gonna guess they voted for Bee Balm.

    Though I personally am rooting for the onion for it's chutzpa in going up against seemingly more popular flowers.

  3. I think they voted for the 'onion' since they are all Chicagoans and understand its' name origins.

  4. Well, it seems not to be purple coneflower, but I'm going to say purple coneflower anyway, just because no one else did yet!

  5. Congrats Blue_Hydrangea!! You were the first person to guess correctly.

  6. Yay for the onion! (I hope it wins!)