Saturday, February 20

Your Favorite Flower, RPGG & Seedy Radio

We wanted to share with you a couple of the comments voters have made when they voted for their favorite. What is one of them your favorite?

"Really heartening to see that particular shade of purple. I love the three different stages of the flower--wide--open and enthusiastic, petals in full array at attention around the cone; the later droop of petals, a purple skirt around the torso of the cone; and finally just the long stem, nodding at the end of the season."
Jeann K.

"Nodding Onions are native to an area of northern Illinois including Chicago. It is not as commonly planted in gardens as bee balm and coneflower but deserves to be better know. A useful plant to bees and other pollinators, it can also be eaten by humans. It has pretty little blossoms in early summer. I think it is a perfect candidate for the One Seed Chicago program."
Gloria B.

"Our kindergarten class thinks it would look terrific in our raised bed and look forward to the harmless, big fat bumble bees as we begin the new school year."
Laura M.

While we can only send one packet per household there is a way to get more seeds to create a bigger floral impact. Community gardeners & garden groups: encourage your members to vote online individually and pool your seeds. Educators: share the link to One Seed Chicago with your colleagues, pool your classroom seed packets together and plant them in your school garden. Home gardeners: Encourage your friends, neighbors & family members to vote and start a garden club in your neighborhood or at work.

If you are a gardener that likes to start from seed catch Beth Botts, Chicago garden writer, who will be filling in for Mike Nowak on The Mike Nowak Show on Sunday morning. According to her blog she'll be speaking with the All-American Selection and the National Garden Bureau, a related trade organization for the garden seed industry based out in Downers Grove. They'll be talking about rain gardens, seeds and offering seed buying tips. The One Seed Chicago 2010 candidates are all great candidates for rain gardens. Maybe we can get her to endorse a favorite seed for One Seed Chicago 2010.

Ben Helphand, Executive Director of One Seed Chicago and NeighborSpace , was on The Mike Nowak Show talking about community gardening in Chicago and the One Seed Chicago program in January. You can listen to that segment here.

On Tuesday, One Seed Chicago will be at the Rogers Park Garden Group meeting. Visit our events page to keep up with One Seed Chicago events.

Follow along by subscribing to the One Seed Chicago blog RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook. If you haven't voted yet, the online voting form is here. Having trouble deciding who to vote for? Read about the 2010 candidates here. If you have a blog or website encourage your readers to vote for their favorite plant for One Seed Chicago. You can download graphics here and read the press release for One Seed Chicago 2010 here.

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