Monday, February 8

Re-thinking Soup, Sweet Saturdays and Shirts

A quick update about what One Seed Chicago has been up to since online voted began last month. First, thanks to everyone who has already voted. We're excited to be reaching so many new One Seed Chicago participants and gardeners around Chicago. The response has been amazing and we're glad that so many new people are discovering One Seed Chicago and embracing the idea behind it. Please continue to help spread the word by sharing a link to One Seed Chicago with your friends and family so that they too can vote and grow with the rest of us.

The photo above is from Re-thinking Soup at the Hull-House Museum. That blurry head (Sorry, Ben) you see behind the podium is Ben Helphand, the Executive Director of NeighborSpace and One Seed Chicago. He was at the Hull-House kitchen during Re-thinking Soup to talk to the attendees about the work that NeighborSpace does to protect community gardens around Chicago and about One Seed Chicago. If you ever need lunch plans on a Tuesday you should stop by Re-thinking Soup and enjoy some delicious soup made from local ingredients and partake in the interesting speakers and discussion they have.

This next photo was taken this past weekend and it shows some One Seed Chicago voters during "Sweet Saturdays" at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Again, the reception we got for One Seed Chicago when we introduced it to people was incredible. Kids, of all ages, were excited about voting and many of them took their vote very serious. Some people knew who they would vote for just by looking at the pictures, and others really contemplated their vote.

Some households voted together as a block and others were divided. It was interesting observing how some parents nudged the kids to vote one way and other parents allowed them to make up their own mind.

I wouldn't be surprised if some of those siblings continued debating the merits of their favorite plant well into the car rides home. People have strong opinions about Purple Coneflower, Bee Balm and Nodding Onion. The next "Sweet Saturday" is this weekend at the Garfield Park Conservatory, don't miss it.

Finally, We've set up a small online store with merchandise for One Seed Chicago participants who would like to support this urban greening project. We know that times are tough but if you have a few dollars to spare please take a look at our store and buy an item or two. Products start at $3.99 for a bumper sticker with larger items priced accordingly. We'll be adding more items so check back regularly and we hope to see you gardening around Chicago with a One Seed Chicago shirt of your own.

Follow along by subscribing to the One Seed Chicago blog RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook. If you haven't voted yet, the online voting form is here. Having trouble deciding who to vote for? Read about the 2010 candidates here.


  1. It's exciting the way the seeds of this project are growing. The way you describe families and children participating in voting is heartwarming. Seems to me as a result of One Seed Chicago, our city and suburbs will continue growing greener and more beautiful.

  2. Garden Girl,

    It has been great observing how committed people are to a particular plant when collecting ballots in person. People have strong opinions about their faves and some of the conversations have been enlightening and amusing.