Tuesday, January 12

One Seed Chicago Jan 1-12

Last night we visited the Wicker Park Garden Club where attendees of the native plant lecture cast votes for their favorite seed for One Seed Chicago. We intended to take photos to share with you but the camera was forgotten once the line for voting formed and the fun began. The group, who braved frigid temperatures, was in good spirits and had a lot of fun with voting. "Vote early, vote often," was something we heard a lot last night. There was even some open campaigning being done right next to the ballot box and one person even tried to vote for a write-in candidate.

Visit the events page for event dates where you can vote in person if you haven't voted online already.

The response and support for One Seed Chicago has been great. On January 3, 2010 Mike Nowak invited Ben Helphand, Executive Director of NeighborSpace and One Seed Chicago, onto his radio show to talk about One Seed Chicago and community gardening. If you didn't catch it you can listen to it on Mike's website in podcast form here, a direct link to the January 3rd show is here.

Many of you have shown your support for One Seed Chicago by spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook. We'd like to give a special thanks to the following websites and blogs who have taken a few moments to write about One Seed Chicago. Live Here Oak Park, Gapers Block, Chicago Garden, Garden Girl, Sweet Home & Garden Chicago, One the Shores of Lake Chicago, Urban Muse, Fresh Taste, Mint Sparrow, The Dirt on Green, K-Town Homestead, City Diggity, Wee Windy City, Lovely Anomaly, Sprout Chicago, Chicago Culture Examiner. Even a garden blogger from the state of Georgia got in on the act. Confessions of a Seed Scatterer blogged about One Seed Chicago and her favorite candidate for 2010, purple coneflower. While participation in voting is limited to the Chicagoland area; we'll send her a packet of the winning seed for showing One Seed Chicago some love.

If you'd like to write about One Seed Chicago and want to ask some questions, send an Email to ramon@OneSeedChicago.com. If your organization would like to become a partner: send an Email to community@oneseedchicago.com. For sponsorship details please contact Ben Helphand at ben@OneSeedChicago.com

Follow along by subscribing to the One Seed Chicago blog RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook. If you haven't voted yet, the online voting form is here. Having trouble deciding who to vote for? Read about the 2010 candidates here.

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