Wednesday, December 23

Participate & FAQ

Voting will begin on January 1, and close on April 1,. The winner, as decided by your votes, will be unveiled at the Green and Growing Urban Gardening Fair at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Encourage your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to vote and be part of One Seed Chicago. The seeds are free, all you need is a desire to beautify Chicago.

Attend events.
Visit the Events page for information on events throughout the growing season. Don't forget to sign up for the One Seed Chicago newsletter in the sidebar of this blog. We'll send out periodic updates about One Seed Chicago events.

 Display the One Seed Chicago badge and link to in the sidebar of your blog and website. You can download badges and graphics for a post here. Make a post on your blog or website endorsing a candidate and ask your readers to vote and participate in One Seed Chicago. Create a One Seed Chicago polling location at your workplace, school, library, community center or place of worship. Download our polling location guide and teacher resource kit here and campaign for your favorite candidate.

"Do I need to be a gardener to participate in One Seed Chicago?"
No. Anyone in the Chicagoland area can participate and grow One Seed Chicago seeds.

"How can my organization become a partner of One Seed Chicago?"
We'd be glad to have your organization become a partner. See our partner page for more information.

"How can I become a sponsor of One Seed Chicago?"
We have several levels of sponsorship available. Contact Ben Helphand:

"Do I need a garden to grow my One Seed Chicago seeds?"
No. You can grow these seeds on your windowsill, balcony or container garden. If that isn't possible consider growing your seeds at a community garden in your neighborhood. See the NeighborSpace website for the locations of community gardens near you.

"How many times can I vote?"
If you're accustomed to voting early and voting often we ask that you limit your votes to one per household.

"I'm a teacher and need more than one seed packet."
Mention that in your ballot and provide the name and address of your school and we'll mail you a classroom size seed packet and an educator guide to your school. Teachers use the educator guide to talk to your students about gardening, growing their own food and the political process. Download the teachers guide here.

"I don't have a blog or website but I'd like to support One Seed Chicago."
Do you have an account a social media website? You can support One Seed Chicago by telling your friends across these networks about this project and encourage them to share it with their friends, even if you don't live in Chicago. Don't have a blog or website? Download the One Seed Chicago poster and tape it to your storefront window, in your break room at work, community bulletin board, cubicle or classroom. Get creative and tell us about it.

You can also create a One Seed Chicago polling location at your workplace, school, family reunion, library, and encourage friends and family to participate in One Seed Chicago. Download the FAQ/instructions here.